Things to Consider

Realizing a Dream

Buying a home is the most important purchase most of us will ever make in our lifetime. Buying a home is not solely a financial decision, it is where we retreat to after a hectic day, raise our families, entertain our friends, and eventually where we retire. Owning our own home is the American Dream.

Whether or not this is your first time purchasing a home there are a few items to consider. This information is designed to guide your thought process, so that you reap the most rewards – by saving money, saving time, making a more informed decision and increased satisfaction with your new home.

Take Your Time

Above all, take your time in buying your new home. As the largest purchase you will ever make, it is very important that you look until you find just the right home for you and your family. Compare the different floor plans, quality of construction, features, home amenities, and prices available.

We believe factory built homes are the best investment of your housing dollar. Our homes are built in a clean, controlled environment, using the precision techniques to ensure the highest quality construction standards.

Live In Your Dream Rooms

What do you want most in your home? More than enough storage space? Bay Windows? Soaring ceilings? An open floor plan? A large, spacious kitchen to gather in with family and friends? A master retreat with walk-in closets, a sunken whirlpool bath tub and perhaps a fireplace? Or a cozy floor plan that is suits your active, on-the-go retirement life? All of these are available to you in a factory built home. If you can dream it, one of our member’s can build it!

Where do you want to live?

Factory built housing can be sited in the location that best suits your budget and your lifestyle. Land Lease Communities offer smaller home sites, more community amenities, and a close-knit neighborhood feel.

Buying your own land involves more options. Want to live in the city in an established neighborhood? Factory built homes are often used to re-develop in-fill lots. Would you rather be out in the country, listening to the crickets? Factory built homes are the perfect solution to rural area construction challenges of lack of labor, lack of time, and the expense of shipping materials to your property.

By building the home off-site and shipping it to the property local crews can work on site improvements (foundations, utilities) while the home is being built elsewhere. This decreases the construction time, saving money and the headaches of additional sub-contractors. City, country, or some where in between, factory built homes can be installed where you want to live! If you buy your own land critical things to keep in mind are:

  • What are the total costs to develop the land?
  • Will you hire a contractor or over see the project yourself?
  • Is your contractor licensed in the area?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Is your contractor familiar with factory-built homes?

What can you afford?

Now that you’ve looked at homes, figured out your ideal home, can you afford it? Like all other homes, there is a variety of ways to finance your factory-built home. Work with a reputable mortgage broker or lender to find the best loan program for you. Often times a developer or retailer can help you find the home which both meets your needs and budget.

Is a brand new home more than you want to spend? Most people don’t build the first home they purchase, they buy one already lived in. Many quality homes may be available in land lease communities and existing neighborhoods. Just look for a “for sale” sign in the yard! Usually lender’s require an inspection by a structural engineer. Even if your lender doesn’t require one, we recommend you have this done. That way you know exactly what you are buying.

Who are you buying from?

Most manufactured homes are sold through retail sales centers, some of which are independently owned and operated. Others are owned and operated by a manufacturer. In some states, you may also buy from a manufactured home community owner, developer, or if you’re purchasing a previously owned home, a real estate agent.

Retailers offer a variety of products and services, including helping you to customize the home to fit your needs and budget. Typically, the retailer is also responsible for coordinating the delivery and installation of your home. Furthermore, the retailer can assist by providing a list of finance companies that might interest you, as well as those companies who provide insurance coverage for the home. Once you’ve moved in, the retailer is often the contact for warranty service. Most states do not allow you to purchase a home directly from the manufacturer.

We also recommend buying your home from a member of the businesses listed on this site because we know they participate in professional education seminars and are committed to providing you the best factory built home possible.
Other resources to research the business people you are buying your home from include the Better Business Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce, and of course personal recommendations from people you know and trust.

Who is installing your home?

No matter how well a home is built, if it is improperly installed, it won’t perform the way it is supposed to—providing decades of warmth and shelter for you and your family. When you are purchasing a new home, your retailer will know how to get your home properly installed. Tennessee law requires all manufactured homes be installed by a licensed, trained installer. This is to ensure the instructions of the manufacturer of a new home, or the state code applicable to used homes, have been correctly completed.

The proper method of installing the home will depend on the design of the home and the conditions of the location, such as climate and soil type. Depending on the type of loan used to finance the home, the lender may have some specific requirements for the foundation and installation of the home as well. Again, in Tennessee, a consumer may not occupy a manufactured home which has not been installed by a person licensed by the State of Tennessee to perform such duties.

In your hands

How many decades your factory built home will serve your family is up to you. All homes require some upkeep and tender, loving care. There are many things you can do to increase the value of your home. Add on a garage or decks or porches. Landscape your property to showcase your home. Above all, take care of your home. Nothing shows through like pride of ownership and love.

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